Friday, April 13, 2007

Good Hot Fucking

I have started a few posts in the last couple of weeks, but there is just no time. We have been making plenty of time for sex, but just no time to blog... Sorry to all the faithful readers!
Last night though - well - It's really worth a post.

We have had some pretty hot sexcapades the last few weeks - really intense fucking - I got it up the ass pretty good, and it's been great. One night we had to stop just before M finished and so when he finally did come it was super intense for him. I know when he cries out - that it was really good for him.... so that has been my goal lately.

Last night we started out as always with him rubbing and carressing me. He just loves my ass - He played for a bit and licked my pussy plenty. I was just so hot for him I couldnt wait to take him in my mouth. He had just showered, and shaved, and he smelled and tasted so good I just devoured his cock. I have never sucked him like that before. I probed his asshole with my fingers and rubbed his prostate too. I played with his balls and just gobbled him up. It was messy - I just couldnt get enough and he knew it. It made him crazy and he ate my pussy like a starving man. I came 2 or 3 times just with his hands and tongue. I couldn't wait for him to fuck me, but I was just so into sucking and licking him. I wanted to bring him right to the edge so that when he finally filled me up with cum he would cry out again. He was so stiff and long I could feel him in the back of my throat as I pulled his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. I don't even know how long I went down on him, but he ravaged my cunt nearly the whole time, fucking me with tongue and fingers till I was totally soaked. I finally couldnt wait to be filled up with that huge cock anymore - so he buried it in my hot and dripping wet pussy. He fucked me hard and deep and made me come again - I lost count by now how many times I orgasmed. I pulled my legs back so he could thrust deep into me and he pounded me good until he exploded into me. He did moan and grunt as he filled my pussy with his hot cum, so I know it was just as good for him as it was for me.

Lord - now I am hot all over again - I hope I did the same for you!


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Great Sex leads to more great sex......

I've told M for years now, that really great sex just leads to more really great sex. Not to say that we haven't had great sex - we pretty much always do.... but we've both been too damn tired and busy to really have mind blowing earth shattering anything :)

There have been a few memorable incidents - but real life, work, and sleep deprivation have wreaked havoc on our previously scorching hot sex life. However, a few things have come together the last few days to inspire me. We thought we were monkey free one night last week and so we made plans with our"friends" from Adult Friend Finder. It turned out that we didn't have a babysitter - of course - but we decided to invite them over anyway. They are a lot of fun to hang out with, and we have some common interests, so while no clothes were shed, it was entertaining, and certainly sparked my imagination. I had done a bit more primping than usual - even though it seemed unlikely that anyone other than M would get to appreciate it, but that too inspired me. I forgot how erotic a clean shaven pussy feels, a bit naughty still, and it certainly motivates M. Even though I knew they weren't there, it added intensity to know that had they stayed right outside they would have seen M spread my legs and lick and tease me.

Don't know if it was the sexual tension for M, but it was the most intense sex we have had in a long time. I rode him in a new way that totally knocked my socks off - I really don't think I have ever used those muscles before - but I sure can't wait to do it again. We fucked in quite a variety of positions, he slammed into me from behind as I bent over the couch, and I lost count of the orgasms. Gee - if that is the result I sure hope to have our friends over more often.

So since then there have already been more hot nights, and I hope to keep up the trend. I'll tell you about last night tomorrow - but it's late, and I still don't want to give up on tonight.

Thanks all for the comments too - it was nice to be missed!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Missing you all!

So I have beena major slacker - I confess. M has asked me to post a few times, but with the holidays I have been enhausted. We did the stomach flu in December, and now I am doing the regular flu. I never get sick like this and it's been really frustrating. I am on the mend though, and have NO intention of getting sick again any time soon, so I promise to keep you all posted - I am sure that M is raring to go - so soon I will have plenty to say.

In the meantime, I found this and it made me smile -

1 This explains your car.
2 I never saw one like that before.
3 But it still works, right?
4 Are you cold?
5 I guess this makes me the early bird.
6 Ahhhh, it's cute.
7 Can I be honest with you?
8 Maybe it looks better in natural light.
9 Will it squeak if I squeeze it?
10 Why don't we skip right to the cigarettes?

Hope you all are starting your new year off right!